Friday, January 30, 2009

what's new in news?

Christine Alicino
In the words of Elise Blaha, “Some genius has taken over the Nordstrom print ad campaign.” Collaborating with Art Director Ursula Brookbank, we know that our genius Christine Alicino was instrumental in the powerhouse of creatives responsible for Nordstrom’s new look-The Snapshot Campaign, a large format 16”x20”, twenty page, uncoated stock mail piece. The campaign included an online thematic video also created by Christine, edited by Jordan Biren.

Both Summer and Fall pieces were commended with rave reviews.

Matthew Turley
On a Northwest Road trip, Matthew covered 6 States in 10 days, a total of 2,500 miles. While exploring, he shot the North Cascades Smokejumpers in Methow Valley, WA—the home of smokejumping. And for those of you who have never hear of smokejumping, click here for an interesting history.

Fortune Small Business Magazine very recently commissioned Matthew to shoot in the Wasatch mountains above Salt Lake City, UT. Climbing Mt. Superior (11,139') at 5 am, a regular for these real people talent, Matthew captured, Black Diamond CEO and designers playing with and testing their own gear designs before work heading to the office. These execs weren’t the only daredevils that morning; Matthew shot and climbed with 4x5 & 8x10 equipment in tow!

Check out the article.

James Salzano

Jim Salzano's bookings have transported him across North America within the past six months. Starting in CA, he shot for Cambridge Biomarketing of Boston. The campaign featured shots of real people for TAC Health Care.  While there he also nabbed a photo of waitress to add to his ongoing waitress series.  

Then off north to Canada to shoot the hottest teen sensation, young pop stars, The Jonas Brothers for Digitas Boston and General Motors' green campaign. 

From Boston Jim swung west to Window Rock, Arizona.  A stark contrast to the pop scene phenomenon, this shot called for an introspective portrait of one of the tribal leaders of the Navajo nation for a campaign about the dangers of second hand smoke.

Jamie Kripke

Fast Company and Joni West's Second Life marketing company commissioned Jamie Kripke this past Fall on a shoot only possible in today's cyber era.  

Joni's concept included hiring virtual avatars, shot in her virtual photo studio with virtual lights and a virtual camera. The camera rotates in cyberspace to capture various angles and focal lengths.  

Next step, Joni hires Jamie to shoot an art gallery to drop her avatars into a real frame.  Jamie takes the digital files of her virtual avatars and composites them into his digital gallery shots. Final shot, a meeting of two worlds in one unified space. Wild.

Michael Lamotte

Phillip Ting, AD, Elephant Advertising of Berkeley, CA & Peets Coffee & Tea brought Michael Lamotte on board for a sweet holiday campaign.  Given creative license to lend his seasoned sensibilities to an open interpretation of Peets signature branding, Michael captured the warmth of the holidays in the perfect winter warmer-upper.  

Currently in stores and on Peets' website, the final shots resulted in an invitation from the client to flavor future talks on the creative drawing board.