Friday, January 7, 2011

jim salzano talks about shooting director peter sellars...

I was lucky enough to be invited to Director Peter Sellars home in LA to shoot him for the cover of Opera News Magazine.
I called him from NY to go over the details and assured him we could get everything done in the 3-4 hour time period he had available. When I arrived at his home Peter greeted my assistant and I with a hug and it just kept getting better. Whatever I suggested he couldn't have been more excited and
eager to do. We set up in his living room for the "studio" portrait and also shot him in his roof cactus garden and his office. The tight shot was my favorite and became the Feb. cover.

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Miq-Tak said...

I love this cover. It works on many levels for me, but I mostly like it because Sellars' spirit shines through.

I gave it to the art department here to pass around. I'm taking it back when they're done.