Monday, February 14, 2011


I have always been the kind of person who wants all people in my life to know one another. As such, I've always made sure that my group of photographers have had ample opportunity to meet and socialize with one another. I often host and arrange for dinners for us all to get together as a group. When I know one photographer has a question or needs information that might be another photographer's expertise, I encourage them to call each other. The result of one such call was beautifully articulated in this blog post by Jamie Kripke, about Matthew Turley. I got to see another manifestation of this camaraderie this winter when I had TWO simultaneous collaborative shoots; Michael Lamotte and Margaret Lampert worked together for Frito Lay, and Christine Alicino and RJ Muna worked together for Lastacaft. (Christine shot the stills, while RJ captured the HD video.) Both were very successful in no small part because of the mutual support and friendship that is fostered amongst our group. So today, when I spoke with both Matthew Turley and Jamie Kripke about their weekend, I got this photo back. They spent the day skiing together yesterday, and both called me today to tell me how much they liked and admired the other. I'll say we have something special in our group.

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