Friday, July 29, 2011


When I was in Boston a few weeks ago, there were some last minute changes that resulted in my having to re-schedule my appointment at Mechanica. I first met Libby DeLana about 15 years ago at Mullen, and with the help of certain social media sites and Libby's love of Northern California, have stayed connected with her. When it became clear I wouldn't be able to make the trek to Newburyport on that trip, I was VERY disappointed. In the most generous gesture, Margaret Lampert offered to host the show after my departure, which she did today. Margaret did a fantastic job, bringing lovely breakfast treats from Flour, and when an Art Director had a question about Matthew Turley's work that she couldn't answer, Margaret called Matthew and put him on the phone with the Art Director. Thank you Margaret, you can pinch-hit for me anytime!

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